Mariko FLH - The Do It All Guy


Tackling new challenges has developed Mariko into a “brave horse,” a partner who has developed a willing attitude to move through all obstacles.  Because I expect Mariko to live up to the reputation of Haflingers I ask him to “do it all.”  Riding almost every day we mix the controlled environment of arena and pasture work with long trail rides.  Ever watchful for new experience we walk up steps, visit people on parked airplanes, tolerate passing flocks of bouncing sheep, even keep cool with dogs snapping at our heels or passing inquisitive coyotes.  The 2010 Pasadena Rose Parade, (photo top left) was a test for steadiness as we were sandwiched between a blasting bands of 120 musicians, towering moving floats bedecked with flowers and grandstands with more than a million viewers.  Middle photo shows Mariko training to handle a 4-foot deep trench at the Tucson Equestrian Center, AZ.  We also participated in nearby horse shows and the San Juan Island County Fair, WA.

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