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100 % Alpaca

4 ply DK weight

5.5 st. = 1 inch

110 yds. per 50 gr.  skein - $11.00

220 yds.  per 100 gr. skein - $20.00

Hand Painted Yarns  110 yards per 50 gram skeins - $13.00

The rarity of Alpaca is its only limitation, making it a highly prized luxury fiber worldwide.  The fiber's rich luster, supple handle and strength remain unmatched by most other specialty fibers.  Garments of Alpaca are lightweight yet very warm, up to 8 times that of wool.

The softness of Alpaca is often compared to cashmere. Located South of Friday Harbor on beautiful San Juan Island in the state of Washington, low rainfall and cool island weather create the perfect climate for producing some of the world's finest Alpaca fiber for our Natural Alpaca Yarn.

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Hand Painted Yarns (click for color photos)

7 Natural Colors (click for color photos)
Honey Camel

18 Custom Colors (click for color photos)
Classic Red
Hot & Sour Orange
Sweet Potato
Lemon Chiffon
Green Fields
Dark Spruce
Artic Waters
Lightest Blue
Wedgwood Blue
Navy Blue
Purely Purple

22 Heathered Colors (click for color photos)
Chili Pepper
Old Rose
Old Copper
Light Wheat
Forrest Green
Sea Foam
Clear Water
China Blue
Midnight Sky
Berry Blend
Warm Berries
Heathered Lilac

Alpaca Fiber Characteristics

Staple Length
Alpaca fiber of varying lengths can be spun into yarn, however the Alpaca Yarns produced will usually be less uniform and have lower luster than those spun from uniform staple lengths. Our Alpaca fiber ranges in length from 4 to 6 inches at the time of shearing. We send only fiber with consistent staple length to small mills for processing.

The fineness of Alpaca fiber makes it difficult to handle during the spinning process. Most small commercial mills insist on adding varying amounts of wool so their machinery can better handle the super fine Alpaca fiber. We have searched out and use only mills that process, then return our fiber to us. No wool or additional fibers are added.

Crimp gives our finished yarn resilience and bounce, which is much prized in pure Alpaca garments. Our Natural Alpaca Yarn fiber with its high degree of crimp, allows for better milling, twist and plying of fiber into knitting yarns. This is one of the reasons knitters across the nation consistently comment that our yarn has greater luster, strength and ease in handling.

Often crimp appears in a pronounced “S” or “Z” wave, involving all the fibers of a lock and occurring continuously for the length of the lock

Fiber Diameter
Often r
eferred to as micron count, this is another factor we considered when assembling our herd. The up front cost of our fine fibered, low micron count Alpacas is high but we want only the best in our yarns.

Tip Damage or Breakage
While extremely difficult to detect before processing, damaged fiber will result in a yarn seriously compromised in quality. Controlling our herds feed, pastures and fencing assures these damaging factors will not be present in our yarns.

Guard Hairs
Coarse stiff fibers found on Llamas and many other fiber bearing animals. Our herd of Alpaca was selected with emphasis on their having little or no guard hairs.
Fiber Care
Hand washing in cool water with a small amount of mild soap or detergent is recommended. Use sufficient water to allow complete immersion of your beautiful hand knit garment. Allow to soak 5 to 10 minutes. Gently hand knead. Rinse well adding two teaspooons of white vinegar to neutralize any remaining soap.

Gently squeeze garment and place in a terry cloth towel. Roll and leave for 3 to 8 hours to thoroughly remove excess water. Remove from towel and place on a sheet or drying rack. Gently pull garment into shape. Let air dry in warm circulating air. Avoid placing in sunlight.

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